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COVID-19 Hospital Functioning

Amidst the spread of COVID-19, the hospital has restructured the working protocols.

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Clinics and Sub-clinics

MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute aims to integrate compassionate clinical practice with research and education. With renowned medical specialists and support staff at the helm of fully specialized departments, we believe our mission can be achieved.

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Diagnostic Centres

The fully equipped Diagnostic Centres in MVRCCRI provides for diagnosis of all types of Cancer together with the consultancy by well trained and established Oncologists.

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MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute has been providing a centre for nursing students to further their knowledge and improve their career and service. We are presently providing 2 specialization courses and internship opportunities to various aspirants.

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What, Why and How

We by means of our humble endeavour – the Care Foundation, intend to root out cancer as a disease from the map of Kerala. It might seem as a daunting task, but we feel it isn’t so. With proper technologies in place and with the right amount of awareness spread, the disease can indeed be brought under control. What one needs in making this happen is will power. It is this will power that brought us all together under the ambit of our foundation to make affordable cancer treatment a reality.

Defeating a monster like cancer requires a combined effort from all of us. We humbly seek your help in battling this monstrosity, tooth and nail. When we join hands together, nothing is impossible. With your support, the myriad challenges posed by this deadly disease can easily be tackled.

Posted by MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute on Monday, December 31, 2018
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MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute strives to provide the best cancer care at a reasonable cost bench marking ourselves with the world leaders in personalized medical care, combining cutting edge technology and medical expertise.