Dr. Narayanankutty Warrier
Medical Oncology

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              ✦ drnkwarrier@mvrccri.co


              ✦ Fellow of Royal College of Physicians

              ✦ Edinburgh – UK ( FRCP )

              DM (Medical Oncology )

              MD ( General Medicine )



              ✦ Sr. Lecturer  and consultant , General Medicine , Govt Medical College Calicut

                 ( 1996 -1998)

              ✦ Sr. Lecturer  & Consultant , Medical Oncology  , Govt Medical College Calicut

                 ( 2000 -2003)

               Ast. Professor & Sr Consultant , Medical Oncology  , Govt Medical College

                  Calicut ( 2003 -2006)

               Sr.Consultant and HOD, Dept of Medical and Paediatric Oncology , MIMS

                  Calicut (2006 – 2017)

               Medical Director & Senior Consultant , Medical Oncology , MVR Cancer

                  Centre and Research Institute ,Calicut ( 2017 – continuing  )

Clinical interest :

              ✦ Medical Oncology                 

Publications :

             ✦ Triple-negative and non–triple-negative breast cancer in a south Indian cohort.

                  - Narayanankutty Edavalath Warrier, Uma V Sankar, Sreedharan P S, 

                  Ajmal Sherif - J Clin Oncol 38: 2020 (suppl; abstr e13110) 10.1200/JCO.2020.


              ✦ 'Detect Early Be Safe–Care for Mother (DEBS-CaM)' project: School-based

                   interventionsto improve awareness and screening for breast cancer among

                   the young mothers of Kerala- Narayanankutty Warrier, Uma V Sankar,

                   Sreedharan P S, Nirmal V, Sajeevan K V, Ajmal Sherif

                   Clin Oncol 38: 2020 (suppl; abstr e13570)

               Clinical audit of a Paediatric Emergency Warning Score (PEWS) in the

                   paediatric oncology unit of a newly established tertiary cancer institute.

                   Pediatric Hematology,Oncology- Yamini Krishnan,Gazel Sainulabdin,

                   V. Sankar Uma, P.S. Sreedharan,Narayanankutty Warrier -

                   Journal 2020 (5) 69-74

              ✦ Maintenance Therapy for Recurrent Epithelial Ovarian Cancer: Current

                 Therapies and Future Perspectives A Review: Sudeep Gupta1, Shona

                 Nag2, Shyam Aggarwal3, Amit Rauthan4, Narayaankutty Warrier5:Indian

                Journal of Cancer, October 2018 on print.

             Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) Mutation Testing: From

                 Conventional to Real-Time Diagnosis ofLung Cancer, T Raja, N K Warrier

                 Indian Journal of Cancer,December 2017:Volume 54,Issue 5.

             Epidemiology of mutations in Lung Cancer in Indian Patients-Narayanankutty

                 Warrier, Lecture in World CancerCongress XVII Barcelona, Spain,

                 May 17th 2017.

            ✦ Infections and Febrile Neutropenia in Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

                Patients from South India: Microbial Profile and Outcome Analysis,

                BinduKanathezhath, Amritha Radhakrishnan, Sujithkumar

                and Narayanankutty Warrier,Blood Journal, December 7, 2015.

            Linear accelerator based blood irradiation for paediatric oncology practice

                in limited resource setting:Illumination and Innovation. Sujith Kumar.M,

                Sandeep M, Aswathy Raj, Bindu.K.Sathi, Sathish Padmanabhan,

                Narayanankutty EdavalathWarrier, Journal of Clinical Oncology, May 2014.

            ✦ Chronic myeloid leukaemia – Clinical Profile and Outcome. Narayanankutty

                Warrier P.K. Sasidharan, P.Majeed. 44th  Annual National Conference of Indian

                Society of Haematology & Transfusion Medicine 2004.

            Immune thrombocytopenic purpura. Narayanankutty Warrier, P.K. Sasidharan,

                P. Majeed. 44th  Annual National Conference ofIndian Society of Haematology,

                Transfusion Medicine 2004 

           ✦  Screening for Cancer-Indian scenario. Narayanankutty Warrier, Association of

                Physicians of India - Annual Conference 2004.

           ✦  Intracardiac metastases from a testicular germ cell tumour, - V Talwar, Praveen

                Sreedharan, Narayanan Warrier, T G Sagar, The Journal of the Association of

                Physicians of India, Jul 2002.

           ✦  Neutropenic Sepsis - An Overview, Narayanankutty Warrier, 43rd Annual

                National Conference of  Indian Society of Haematology & Transfusion

                Medicine 2002.

          ✦  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Presenting as Breast Mass, The Journal of the

               Association of Physicians of India, V Talwar, Praveen Sreedharan, Narayanan

              Warrier T G Sagar, Jan 2001

         ✦  Epidemiological and Demographic Data of patients attending Medical Oncology,

              Calicut, 2001 Narayanankutty Warrier, Sunny Varghese, Proc. Of ISO !Xth

              Biennial Conference of Indian Society of Oncology – 2001.    

          ✦ Bilateral Primary NHL of the Breast, Narayanankutty Warrier, Vineet Talwar

              Sreedharan P.S, XV APCC, 1999 Chennai.

         ✦ Interferon Therapy for CML 1990 to 1998. Cancer Institute of Experience

             Chennai Experience Narayankutty Warrier, Vineet Talwar, Sreedharan P.S,

             XV APCC, 1999 Chennai.

         ✦ Outcome of GCT of Ovary. Management with BEP - Cancer Institute Experience

             Narayanankutty Warrier,  Vineet Talwar, Sreedharan P.S, XV APCC, 1999 Chennai.

        ✦  Treatment of Ca ovary with Taxol – Cancer Institute Experience Narayanankutty

             Warrier, Vineet Talwar, Sreedharan P.S, XV APCC, 1999 Chennai.

Education : 

             FRCP -  2019 , Royal College of Physicians , Edinburgh , UK

             ✦ DM – 2000,  Cancer Institute Adayar , Tamil Nadu 

              MD –  1996 ,Govt Medical College , Calicut 

              MBBS – 1989 ,Govt Medical College , Calicut 


            ✦ Inducted as a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh UK in 2019

            ✦ Selected as one of the twelve world leaders of Oncology by 2018 American

                Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual meeting held on June 1st 2018.

           ✦ CH Centre State Award 2018.

            MSF State Award 2015.

          ✦ GIANTS International Achievers Award 2014

          ✦ Indian Medical Association-AMS Fellowship 2005.

          ✦ American Society of Clinical Oncology, ASCO Foundation International

             Development and Education Award (IDEA) 2004.


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