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  • Dr. Anu R I

    Clinical Biochemistry

    Dr. Anu R I

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    Dr Anu R I is a Cancer Multi-omics specialist and Chemical Pathologist specializing in Cancer Biology, targeted therapy, and translational research. Her primary interest lies in investigating molecular alterations in solid tumors on a multi-omic level. Her research also extends to cancer signaling pathway network analysis, and space biology using data mining and bioinformatics.


    Work Experience

    Dr Anu R I has two PGs from Harvard Medical School to her credit, in High Impact Cancer Research (CBT-HICR) and Clinical Research Training. Anu R I currently works as a Specialist in Precision Oncology and Multi-omics, and Consultant of Clinical Biochemistry at MVR CCRI, India (August 2017- present). She is a member of three Analysis Working Groups- Multi-omics & Systems Biology, ALSDA, and AI for Space by NASA with research project collaborations with them. She pursued MD in Clinical Biochemistry from Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi, and was awarded First rank with Gold Medal. She has received numerous awards and accolades for experimental research on human genetics. She has delivered lectures on Precision Oncology on various platforms. Her vision encompasses strengthening Precision Oncology in the country and supporting cost-effective diagnostics for all patients with cancer.

    Clinical interest

    • Precision Oncology
    • Cancer Biology and Therapeutics
    • Genetic Counseling
    • Multi-omics: Genomics
    • Epigenomics
    • Transcriptomics
    • Proteomics  and Metabolomics in cancer
    • Bioinformatics enthusiast


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    • Accepted for Publication

    • Anu R I, Kai-Keen Shiu, Khurum Hayat Khan. The immunomodulatory role of IDO1-Kynurenine-NAD+ pathway in switching cold tumor microenvironment in PDAC. Frontiers in Oncology. 2023
    • Carcinosarcoma Prostate: A Rare Aggressive Type with A Rare Actionable Genomic Variant. Case Report. CRSTonline
    • Genetic counseling for Hereditary cancers: an educational series. CRSTonline


    • MBBS (Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode)
    • MD Biochemistry (VMMC & Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi)
    • PGC Cancer Biology and Therapeutics: High Impact Cancer Research Program, Special track: Cancer -omics (Harvard Medical School)
    • PGC Introduction to Clinical Research Training (Harvard Medical School)



    The Visionary

    Respectfully called MVR, the late MV Raghavan was one of the revolutionary leaders of the Communist movement in Kerala. Born in an ordinary family in Pappinissery, Kannur, his political life began in his early teens. He served two terms as Minister of Co-operation and Ports in Kerala during 1991-1996 and 2001-2006. MVR revolutionized the co-operative sector by taking the people-powered movement to healthcare and education in the State. MV Raghavan realized the role of the co-operative movement in social development and job creation and he was instrumental in setting up various institutions in the state.