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  • Pain Medicine

    Pain Medicine

    The department of Pain Medicine plays a pivotal role in the multidisciplinary approach to effectively managing cancer pain. A multidisciplinary approach to pain management provides invaluable inputs from Medical, Radiation, and Surgical Oncologists as well as Palliative Physicians, Psychologists, Nutritionists, and Physical Medicine & Rehab, Specialists.

    Services Provided:

    The dept of Pain Medicine provides round the clock access to :

    • A wide variety of pain medications tailored to individual patient needs while ensuring the utmost safety of the individual at all times
    • Interventional Pain Procedures. In certain types of cancer pain, expertly placed injections near the pain generating nerves can result in a dramatic decrease in the severity of pain and reduce dependence on pain medicines. Nerve blockage is usually done by Chemical Neurolysis or Radiofrequency Ablation.

    A few examples of the procedures performed are :

    • Splanchnic Neurolysis for Pancreatic cancer,
    • Ganglion Impar Neurolysis for lower rectal and perineal cancer pain.
    • Lumbar Sympathectomy for lower limb pain.
    • Superior Hypogastric Neurolysis for pelvic pain.
    • Stellate ganglion, Sphenopalatine Ganglion, and Gasserian Ganglion blocks for head and neck cancer pain.
    • Various types of peripheral nerve blocks like Intercostal blocks for chest wall pain,
    • Suprascapular nerve block for shoulder pain.
    • Genicular nerve block for knee pain, etc.
    • Epidural and Spinal (Intrathecal) injections of pain medicine are used to treat widespread or difficult to treat pain.


    The Visionary

    Respectfully called MVR, the late MV Raghavan was one of the revolutionary leaders of the Communist movement in Kerala. Born in an ordinary family in Pappinissery, Kannur, his political life began in his early teens. He served two terms as Minister of Co-operation and Ports in Kerala during 1991-1996 and 2001-2006. MVR revolutionized the co-operative sector by taking the people-powered movement to healthcare and education in the State. MV Raghavan realized the role of the co-operative movement in social development and job creation and he was instrumental in setting up various institutions in the state.