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  • Dr. Sajeevan K V

    Medical Oncology

    Dr. Sajeevan K V

    Email official : drsajeevan@mvrccri.co

    Dr. KV Sajeevan, a native of Calicut, is a highly respected Medical Oncologist with over a decade of experience. He completed his super specialty training at the renowned Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology in Bangalore. Dr. Sajeevan previously worked as a consultant Medical Oncologist at MIMS Calicut and BMH Calicut.


    Work Experience

    Dr. KV Sajeevan gained international experience at the Cancer Center in Kuwait.
    With a background in Internal Medicine, he brings a comprehensive approach to patient care. To further enhance his skills and knowledge, Dr. Sajeevan pursued additional training in the United Kingdom
    Currently, Dr. Sajeevan is the Head of the Department of Medical Oncology at MVRCCRI, where he is known for his compassionate care and commitment to advancements in the field.
    In addition to his medical expertise, Dr. KV Sajeevan possesses a creative side as a talented artist. His passion for art extends beyond the realm of medicine, demonstrating his diverse range of talents and interests.

    Clinical interest

    • Gastro Intestinal
    • HIPEC
    • Hepato, pancreaticobiliary
    • Head and Neck


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    • MBBS : September1990 – February1996 Govt.Medical College Calicut, Kerala, India.Calicut University
    • MD General Medicine: 1998 – March2001 Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research(JIPMER),Pondicherry,
      Pondicherry University
    • DM Medical Oncology: 2006-July2009 Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore, Karnataka,India
    • Additional Qualifications:

    • Certificate Course in Palliative Care 2009
      Indian Academy of Palliative Care
    • Clinical Research Training 2009 NIH
    • European Society of Medical Oncology Fellowship- 2014


    • DPYD guidelines working committee member MASCC


    The Visionary

    Respectfully called MVR, the late MV Raghavan was one of the revolutionary leaders of the Communist movement in Kerala. Born in an ordinary family in Pappinissery, Kannur, his political life began in his early teens. He served two terms as Minister of Co-operation and Ports in Kerala during 1991-1996 and 2001-2006. MVR revolutionized the co-operative sector by taking the people-powered movement to healthcare and education in the State. MV Raghavan realized the role of the co-operative movement in social development and job creation and he was instrumental in setting up various institutions in the state.