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  • Outsourcing Engineering Services & Maintenance Activities

    Inviting Tender For Engineering Services And Maintenance Activities

    Please arrange to get an offer maintenance staff for a 350 bedded hospital. This is for total maintenance of Hospital Block, radiology block, Canteen Block, Service Block, Palliative Block, Apartment block, WTP, STP, and Pumping station of our hospital. The work involves

    Maintenance of All Electrical system (Manpower requirement 24 X7)

    • RMUs, Transformer yard, and substation
    • DG sets and Synchronizing panel
    • Power Distribution panels
    • Complete Electrical systems of the Hospital, RB,CB, WTP, STP, Accommodation block, Palliative block, and Pumphouse
    • Substation operation
    • DG operation
    • HSD yard Operation and maintenance
    • Periodical maintenance of solar PV power grantors as per SOP
    • Maintenance of UPS installed in various locations
    • Periodical Maintenance and testing of Earth pits

    Maintenance of entire Plumping system (Manpower requirement 24 X7)

    • Pumping of water to all the building
    • Maintenance of Pumps and lines
    • Maintenance of all pumping fixtures
    • RO water plant operation and maintenance
    • Solar water heater operation and maintenance
    • Regular monitoring of Water quality of STP, WTP, and RO plant
    • Scheduling and implementing Planned Preventive maintenance
    • Planning and supervision of periodical Tank cleaning activities.

    Maintenance of HVAC System(Manpower requirement 24 X7)

    • Operation of Chiller plant and its maintenance
    • Scheduling and implementing Planned Preventive maintenance all equipment’s
    • Scheduling and implementing Planned Filter cleaning
    • Cooling tower operation and maintenance
    • Maintenance of all Split Air-conditioning units and VRF
    • Maintenance of Air coolers
    • Monitoring of BMS and its operation and maintenance
    • Maintaining the parameters like temperature /Humidity/DP in critical area per specification
    • Testing of water quality to chiller
    • Scheduling and implementing Planned Preventive maintenance for all the equipment
    • Operation, Troubleshooting, and Maintenance of BMS system

    Operation and Maintenance of Medical gas plant and system (Manpower requirement 24 X7)

    • Operation of medical gas plant
    • Planning and maintaining a sufficient quantity of all medical gas cylinders used here without having any interruption to its supply in any point of time/situation.
    • Checking and ensuring the quantity /quality of the gas received.
    • Scheduling and implementing Planned Preventive maintenance for all the medical gas equipment based on the criticality.
    • Delivering required quantity of portable medical gas cylinders in user locations in the hospital.
    • Keeping sufficient spares for the smooth operation of the plant and outlets.

    Other works to be carried out

    • Operation and Maintenance of Incinerator
    • Operation and maintenance of Biogas plant
    • Attending all carpentry work of the hospital and other blocks
    • Attending all masonry work of the hospital and other blocks
    • Maintaining all equipment of Laundry /Mortuary and should carry out its PPM as per schedule
    • Maintaining all documents related to maintenance department
    • Maintaining all documents related to NABH
    • Should implement cost-effective operations in all the fields
    • Should provide internal training to all staff as per standard
    • Maintenance of Lifts and should familiar with emergency rescue operations
    • Maintenance of Dump waiters
    • Periodical maintenance Solar Hot water generators as per SOP
    • Scheduling and implementing Planned Preventive maintenance for patient rooms of Hospital PalliativeBlock and Canteen block

    Safety officers (Manpower availability 24 X 7)

    • Should consider 3 safety officers in your role. Fire and safety-related equipment should be operated, monitored and maintained by them.
    • We have given AMC for the lifts to its suppliers. But emergency services for the lifts, co-ordination for Breakdown and preventive maintenance of the lifts, HSD yard-related works should be done by the safety officers.

    Separate Offer:-

    • A separate offer should be submitted for operation and maintenance of WTP and Pumping Station at Pazhoor, 5 Km away from the hospital as the time of the contract of the existing vendor is getting exhausted in a
      few months’ time.
    • A spate offer should be submitted for providing a technician for cabling/troubleshooting /maintaining of ELV ( Data cable, Voice cable, CCTV etc.) System
    • Manpower allocation
    • The works mentioned in Sl No: 1 to 4; the manpower should be deployed 2 4H X 7 days a week
    • For the works mentioned in Sl No: 5 to 8; the manpower should be deployed only for Day time operations.

    Organogram -Outline

    • There should be a Manager/In-charge to Plan and execute all the activities. One Engineer should be there to assist the In-charge for all maintenance and operational activities. Below this, supervisors and technicians
      are required to carry out all the above works effectively. Appointment of all staffs should be done only with the consent and approval of Maintenance Head.


    There should at least one multiskilling operator in each shift.

    MVR shall provide tools as per the list attached herewith. The remaining tolls required for maintenance activities should be under the scope of the service provider. Please provide the list of tools required.

    All consumables, stationery for office use should be in the scope of the service provider

    All Labour and Government statutory compliances should be fulfilled by the service provider

    pre-bid meeting will be on 29/04/2021: 11:30 am.

    On or before 5:00 pm on 05/05/2021, the closed tenders should be submitted to the office of

    Secretary, MVR Hospital. Pre-qualification and Price bid should be in separate envelopments.

    For any clarifications, you can contact Mr. Anish A, Mob +91 94 00 345 915



    The Visionary

    Respectfully called MVR, the late MV Raghavan was one of the revolutionary leaders of the Communist movement in Kerala. Born in an ordinary family in Pappinissery, Kannur, his political life began in his early teens. He served two terms as Minister of Co-operation and Ports in Kerala during 1991-1996 and 2001-2006. MVR revolutionized the co-operative sector by taking the people-powered movement to healthcare and education in the State. MV Raghavan realized the role of the co-operative movement in social development and job creation and he was instrumental in setting up various institutions in the state.